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Isnt that a bit hypocritical?? so why should it be legal when its clearly addictive? I have no idea if its proven or anything, but i just find it a bit lame in a way. Yes i have smoked HASH before not weed. Im just wondering please dont rage me :)
Selfconsciousness Selfconsciousness 18-21, M 5 Answers Aug 9, 2012 in Hobbies

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i want to see all drugs legalized before the crime funded by it being illegal becomes a superpower and destroys civilization

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Sigh* Its been proven time and time again its not addictive..If my neighbor can drink herself into a rage every week then why cant I smoke up and relax while bothering none? Really booze is addictive and kills..Pot does not..

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Its mentally addictive like cigs so your body doesn't crave it like booze and coke

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