Hi My Mum for the last two Months has had high blood pressure i think the last time we went to the doctors (Lastweek) it was at 150 over 95 I think she said its alittle high or higher than last time we saw the doctor 2weeks before she said she will Monitor it once more this week thursday.. And if no improvement will have to look at tablets I recently lost my Nan to cancer and my mum Cared for her everyday for a year Brought on alot of stress she recently passed away 3months ago, I was wondering If My mum has high blood pressure and goes on tablets Is she going to die? Is she not going to live as long as other people.. Or will they control everything and she will be fine to live her life like everyone else or is there a great possibility she could die have a heart attack stroke at anytime she gets stressed and that Im really worried about her Can anyone awnster? thankyou.
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If she didn't take pills she would die an early death. People that are heavy can die at 35 if they are not on meds. Cutting salt helps as much as the pills. Taking the pills can extend her life 15 to 20 years longer. I have researched this extensively because my hubby takes the pills.

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A lot has been going in your mums life..stress can be a major factor in high bloodpressure. A change in lifestyle, diet and medication can help...the important thing is to keep it monitored. Try not to worry too much about your mum.

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Tablets can control her high blood pressure but before that, she needs to take a diet control.. that would help her much...

reduce the red meat/ pork, fat food & especially salt & alcohol (some say red wine is good)

Please have a look at these sites when you have few mins

Hope this will help... be strong! x

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Everyone dies in the end. But having said that there is no reason for B.P. medication to shorten your mothers life. And while her readings are a bit high, catching it now and treating it is a very good thing. Life doesnt hold guarantees. But a healthy life style plus her pills will hepl her watch you raise you own kids and have them worry about you in turn. :)

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