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Years ago, I saw a tv show ( and here's the problem, I can't remember which series it was) but I am sure that nsync was in it and they were in jail and they did a song in their cell block. It was a good show, and a great song. But I don't know which show it was or which song they sang. Can anyone help me with this?
Serenitree Serenitree 70+, F 1 Answer Jul 31, 2011

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Only if you remember at least some of the lyrics. A title? A host? Anything?

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It wasn't a show like the tonight show or david letterman or any of those shows. It was a weekly drama show, more like Touched by an Angel, or Promised land, or one of those feel good shows that make you cry at the happy ending each week. If I could remember any of the lyrics or the show, I wouldn't have had to ask this question LOL. It was probably when you were very young, so you may not remember it at all. Heck, you are still VERY young, from my perspective. I have several grandchildren who are older than you and they don't even remember nsync ever acting in a show.

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All I remember is that they were supposed to be a bunch of street punks who were all in jail and that is where they met and so they got together and formed a singing group and they were singing the song in a cell. I think they sang it acapella. I just remember liking it a lot.

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