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Good evening ladies and gentlemen.

Welcome to radio station exp.

Tonight we are featuring an interview with a very peculiar

looking gentlemen who goes by the name of Mr.

Paul Corusoe, on the dodogy subject of are there

or are there not flying saucers or... ahem,

Ufo's. Please Mr Corusoe, please could you

give your regarded opinion on this nonsense

about spaceships and even space people.

Mr Corusoe:

Thank you. as you all know, you just can't

Believe everything you see and hear, can you. now,

If you will excuse me, is must be on my way.


Bu... but, but... i, i, don't

Believe it

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Put the pipe down. Your mind will clear in a few hours.

Stay away from sharp objects and ledges.

And for God sakes, don't call your mother or type ANYTHING on FaceBook until your mind is cleared. Understood?

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Yes, he is an alien spy from the Garlock Quadrant of Alpha Centauri South. You be tter appease him and prevent an intergalactic war by throwing your loose change into his hat on the ground.

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Nah, just one of those cheap pickups. Looks like a flying saucer at certain angles.

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