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so the problem is my friend loves a girl but cant express he asked me well i am currently thinking about things like this well he is really in to that girl so my thoughts: 1:go and kiss her in public 2:flowers and dinner currently two thoughts any more ideas well she is giving also some signals to him he told me well
Moon90 Moon90 16-17, M 4 Answers Nov 20, 2012 in Romance & True Love

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why are you asking--where is he?

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2 sounds good. Though "dinner" sounds too formal, just ask her if she wants to go to the movies or some other fun recreational activity.

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I would say do neither... your friend needs to establish rapport with her first. He needs to create intrigue. He has to make her think that she is lucky to be with him. By doing any of the things you mention above, he is playing all his cards at once (and maybe assault) , and in doing so lowers his value in her eyes. You say she is hot, and if that is the case she has these things daily, your friend needs to separate himself from the pack.

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