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take him to your hut....

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I got the mum

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Well, if you are *that* disturbed about it, maybe you should invite him out to go bowling or something--and find out exactly why his mother lives upstairs--then come clean.

Now, me, I'm 34, but I tend to have a thing for older guys. Why? Can't say for sure. But dating guys younger than myself just seems weird to me. I tried it once...didn't work. Always feels like I'm robbing the cradle, even when there might only be 3 years difference.

And ladies, just because the guy is older does not mean he is not taking care of himself. The only reason a guy in his 50s might need the blue pill is if they've got health problems involving blood circulation. Look for guys who eat really healthy and are physically active in some way, along with having a good outlook on life. They'll be in their 50s but because of their good habits, they won't look it! Seriously, I know of one guy who totally did not look like he was in his 50s, and he is still dang good-looking in his 60s! They're tough to find sometimes, but they *are* out there, I am sure.

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What should you do? Exactly what we all know you want to do, take him in and **** him.The mother part has no bearing here....he's not 10.

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Intro yourself? For all you know he might be gay lol

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I would bake some cookies take them to his mom and make good friends.

Then, seduce the young duckling... ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

girl!!! Get to work, who cares what all these people think.

I mean what are all those old men going to do for you??? They need Viagra

in order to keep up with you. Besides, if he has been making eye contact with

you and flirting... invite him to your place. Get him comfortable and jump his

sweet young tender bones.

Let these people call you whatever they want. I would wipe my brow after it

and say, "that's what you get little boy". Spank him on the *** and tell him

to go play with little girls... ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

I dunno I really like this older man he is 48 and I am 29... but, he is terrified of

me....wink wink -.- I'll eat him ALIVE!!!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

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drag him inside and **** his brains out

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Dont you worry your pretty little self, i will take the mother out to my VAN

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