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Soups Soups 18-21, F 2 Answers Sep 8, 2012 in Parenting & Family

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I wasn't kicked out. I joined the Navy and left. At some point, it is the responsibility of the child to end the childhood and become a self-sufficient adult.

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Ok. I m.ow that already.
I sas asking 1 question which was how you felt thats it.
Me perso.aly i didnt rrly on my parents for anything. I was on my own pretty much living at home. I got goy kicked out and i feel ovet whelmed and childhood sucked

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I was not meaning to judge, even though I am sure it came across as that. Do you have a place to stay? If not find a shelter or a friend. If you are overwhelmed, just clear your thoughts and get down to basics. Find the things that are required, shelter, food and clothing. Once your secure those things, even if temporarily, work on the other things.

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