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This is something that should be easy...yet it will be verrrryyy complicated.

1) He will have you at "hello"....eventually, anyway! Just like in the movie, "Jerry McGuire"

2) You will literally hang on every word he utters...most of the time, anyway. Other times, you will wish that he'd just shut up, cuz he's being a jerk...but you love this jerk anyway and never want to lose him.

3) Conversations with him will be unlike conversations with anyone else. He will LISTEN to you...not just talk about himself. He will talk about things as they relate to BOTH of you...not just himself. You will enjoy talking to him above anyone else...and he will share that same feeling about you.

4) You will tease each other and joke and have fun together. Going to the store to pick up bread with him will seem far more enjoyable than picking it up yourself...all because he's there with you, enjoying that moment together...not because you need him to carry that loaf of bread.

5) You will never allow yourself to think an evil thought about him, based on something someone ELSE tells you. You love and trust him enough to discuss what you heard and allow him to explain it BEFORE you allow yourself to form any opinion or get upset over it. Remember...that OTHER person might be the liar...or may have misinterpreted something. Your SOULMATE is someone you KNOW...cuz he's like you and/or you know him better than anyone.

6) You have this incredibly "good" feeling inside, just being around him...almost like he projects some kind of aura that lifts you up.

7) People VOLUNTEER to both of you how lovely a couple you make...because they can see your happiness with each other.

8) You don't have to keep searching EP or asking anyone whether this is your can just "tell," cuz he's so amazingly different. Remember, EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT. New relationships seem "different"...until you get past the "honeymoon" stage and reality sets in. With a soulmate, you never get past the "honeymoon"'s a 24/7 honeymoon with each other.

9) He will anticipate your feelings, what you say, what you might order in a restaurant. He will be helpful and attentive. He will voice concerns about things that speak to YOUR BEST INTERESTS...not just his which happen to be yours in that instance (but might not be in other circumstances).

10) It will be all about YOU and US...not him and his buddies. He will drop plans with them if something important to YOU comes up unexpectedly...although I would not intend that to be used as a test. Don't PURPOSELY try to break up plans with his friends as a test. I'm talking if something UNusual comes up. If it's your pattern to make him feel guilty if he wants a boy's night out and to create some distraction to take him away from something he likes to do, then you are not with your are controlling him to be your slave instead.

If all or most of this exists in your relationship, then you may have found your soulmate.

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If he/she is your will feel the connection in your soul and you'll know it's right.

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Because it won't be who they are, but what they do that makes them your soulmate...the way they make you feel when you're with them, the way they touch you, the way you kiss them and feel tingly all over...then you'll know.

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If his acts differ not with his words.

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No such thing...sorry.....That's a fairy-tale dream.....

Now, if you're asking how do you know if he's THE'll just know....everything will fit...everything will seem won't be able to imagine your life without him....and you will want to grow old with this person.....You'll just know!

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if he/she is your soulmate, you will feel it without any hesitation

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Because you will love him with everything you have and know that he loves you with everything he has.

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You know if it's right. It's an inner knowing. They may be clueless but you will know lol just kidding...

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