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My nuclear family is equivalent to Lithium.

My extended family is equivalent to Molybdenum.

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i have just the 2 kids basic that have lived with me fir alkmost 20 years now that i take care of

my wife was killed at age 19 our mother took her own life the same day thinking both the kids she had brought upo were gone our grand parents pass in the early 1970s firts it was our grandmother then just a few moths after that our granfather passed from a broken heart

he did nit release me from my promis nor did i ask before he was gone

my birth family i have no idea i left home at 12 years old and other then one meeting withthe to sign the papers giving up right to me for a bank book with less then 400.00 in it i got my freedom for them and my short wave radio

i have an ex wo9fe that lives with some one i have ad ught i see at time but only to use my computer or to fix her car it seems i have a grandughther that is now 16 but she has a busy life with school and other things but i have been to a few of her first MMA fight and she will be good some day

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Not very. It's just me and my mum.

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The ex and I have 2 children, I have seven siblings and she has one. Numerous cousins, aunts and uncles on both sides still alive as well as my mother, who is 84

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My mom, my dad, and my sister and her fiancee Makoto.

Extended? Well, let's see...

Nana, Grandma, Grampy, Uncle Steve, Aunt Doris, Aunt Gretchen, Uncle Mike, Nick, kayla, Plus a sh*tload of Cousins once removed and second and third cousins, on this and the other side of the Atlantic. I'm not even touching my inlaws....

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Small. I probably have over 100 cousins I have never met scattered all around the world.

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3 and that is it.

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