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Lady A:

There is no true answer, each individual person must experience the hurt, the pain, the loss for themselves.

You must face the hurt, the pain, and loss at the time rather than isolate, hideaway, be in denial, you have to move through and pass it. Unfortunately its Father TIME that heals!

As you write, talk and discuss it openly you are working through the tremendous PAIN. Its a must that you face it or it will face you again, and again and again through other addictions, incidents, and moments.

I am here to support you Lady A!

Through the fire

To the limit, to the wall

For a chance to be with you

I'd gladly risk it all

Through the fire

Through whatever, come what may

For a chance at loving you

I'd take it all the way

Right down to the wire

Even through the fire.

~ Through The Fire by Chaka Khan

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I don't think you can ever stop loving someone instantly. Love is an overwhelming experience. And the pain of loosing them doesn't get easier but you learn to cope with it. Your a strong woman!! You will get through this hun. Hope your ok :) x

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you don't. unless it's a breakup. if it's not a loss from death then it will fade eventually.

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No, its not a death...Its a breakup. I know it is similar to death, but when living in the same town and having the chance to run into him makes it difficult to let go. It's still so fresh, I know time will make it fade. Thank you :)

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you're welcome and i'm sorry. i hope the pain fades away soon, i know this kind of pain too. be kind to yourself whatever you do, xx

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god knows ..cause i sure don't! its a source of constant horribleness!

good luck

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So, it's hopeless? I know this happens to everyone at some point in their life. The pain is unbearable!

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No it's not hopeless ! It is difficult, at times unbearable...But eventually we will move past the pain, be stronger and live a better life ! :) ...talking helps i find .. if you need to let me know :)

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