I am 21 years girl.I was in love.Now i realize he is a cheater. but i cant forget him. bcs our relation was like married couples.
aysharahman aysharahman 18-21, F 4 Answers Nov 30, 2012 in Broken Hearts & Betrayal

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There is no other go, if he is a cheater. So just believe in yourself and respect yourself, wish you less hurt, for sure it will hurt. Take care.

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Realise your mistake and try not to repeat it.

Make sure in the future that whoever you love or hate in that sake you do it for the sake of god.

As humans will allways disappoint you, whereas God will never.

Turn to islam and pray to God. And your love for God will replace your love for everyone else. However you will end up loving everyone for the sake of the creator.

Everyone and everything must come to an end, and in turn will hurt those who loved it.

The only thing that doesn't end is God, so logically is the only thing and One worth loving.

Also another tip is to avoid adultery. As the reason the creator puts these restrictions on you is for your own good. To stop you getting over attached to anyone untill they and you are willing and wanting to commit 100%. Ie marriage.

I'm only 23 and got married last year and is the best thing I have done.

I reckomend you to do the same.

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i will do.....

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there are many men, heal your heart and go fishing. But try to look at patterns of human behavior to better understand men, it might help you in finding a more satisfying and fulfilling future relationship. Try to think about the way in which men see the world, family, human reproduction (Note family and human reproduction are not the same thing). I get the understanding of the pain of betrayal, now you need to learn to protect your heart, and that can only come from education of how the other half thinks.

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thank u.........

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You are welcome.

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Time <3

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Time. Tis the only thing that seems to work.

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