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1. Pick goal.

2. Act to achieve goal.

3. Success.

Also, don't be so hard on yourself.

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yes-compassion-this is what i do-forgive yourself for any past mistakes-you can't change them now-find something creative for an outlet to express yourself-

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Most of us experienced this stage in life. For me, i just turn to the Almighty God, the ultimate power and source of the universe. He's the one causing my being and that's enough to know that i am worthwhile. He created me with grace and love i dont even earn.

The least i can do is to show my gratitude by respecting myself as He wants me to, in faith and righteousness.

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Start believing in your self and start believing that you are as good as any other person on this earth.

We have all gone through this at one stage or another.

Maybe you are depressed, its very hard to see things clearly when there is a black cloud above you.

I went to councelling for a long time throughout the years and it helped greatly for my inner confidence and the way i feel about myself.

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Find Something To Do To Help Others. And Tell No One About It. Or Even Do Some Charity Work. By Doing This You Are Giving Of Yourself & Carma Will Reword You With What You Need Too.

Prefure To Help Others Who Need It. & Ask For Nothing In Return.

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Get rid of those sideburns.

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why DON'T you feel like a worthwhile person? you can be told how until the cows come home, but ultimately, you'll have to dig deep down within yourself and bring it out. but here's a clue. have compassion for yourself, like you would for anyone else.

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