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You may consider sitting down with your school's guidance counselor, and have him/her point out schools that you can ace, those that you can do well in, and those that will be to advanced for you -- based on your grades.

Once that's done, then you have trimmed away probably 2/3rds of the schools you don't need to investigate.

If, as you say, you have no particular interests, then you may still consider taking some general courses and then finding out after a year or two, what you would like to declare your major.

In truth, most college students change their majors at least once, away from what they "thought" they wanted to major in. It happened that way to me, too.

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Don't worry about is.

First year or so just get your required subjects out of the way.

You will meet people studying all the subjects.

And by being told about what is being done by others, you will discover more about what really interest you.

Then you will be better able to pick your own slot.

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I went to university and did a general arts program for the first year. I took courses for subjects I thought I might like. These can later become electives for whatever program you choose. Another thing you can do is take an online survey that tells you what type of job you would be best suited for based on your answers.

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Get a business degree and you will be fine. Earning the degree is what is important really!!!

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It doesn't really matter, what you major in. Find yourself the right man, and you'll never have to work a day in your life.

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hhhh ok I don't like this idea at all . I want to be an independent person and be active in my community .

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It only works for women though. And we all know that's what they will ultimately do anyway.

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