I've been with my boyfriend nearly 4 months and for me that is a very long time. But in August 2014 hes moving away to go to University so we cant see each other half as much as we'd both like. It'll be another year for me to be able to go with him, i love him loads and dont want to lose him for so long as he might move on nd i wouldnt be able to deal with that. What can i/we do so that its not as hard to say goodbye but still be able to see each other once hes moved?
RetardBuggsy RetardBuggsy 16-17, F 6 Answers Dec 27, 2013 in Long Distance

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occupy yourself with your own set of interests and friends. Skpe with him often, write him e-mails or letters. decide what you want to do with your life and pursue some new activities.

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focus on your studies , your hobbies , your friends and family

if you dont have hobbies get new ones and new interests

keep yourself busy

you will be more confident and outgoing for doing it

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if you wont... it could be a solution!!! ;-)

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OH NO !!!

your neediness has overtaken your ability for independent living.



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My neediness?
I'm not needy. At all. And by putting that it doesnt really help me in my situation. All i wanted was advice on how to keep things working over a long distance for both of us, not just me.

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Don't..... if you cannot work it together, even miles apart, then no one else can advise you.... how do we know your individual personalities? we could actually force you apart. "I don't want to lose him" looks mighty insecure and needy from this end. Maybe he is not as needy as you are? mx:))

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Keep ya head up, ooo child things are gonna get easier.

Ooo child things are gonna get brighter.

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