So I did use to like him, but used to. And I show affection through physical contact mostly hugging, and he accused me of being overly affectionate, so I really don't know how to deal with this. As of now I am going to ignore him for the rest of the semester (about a month) but my best friend hates this because she feels like she is stuck between us. So I have no clue what to do... Help? please?
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He knew how you would respond and didn't want to hear it.

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for starters.. he is a guy you are female.... you can't be friends.

the rest falls in fine if you follow that rule

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hey, hey, hey now... men and women can be friends.!

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Let it go because he is not your boyfriend and is free to date who he wants. If you want him to be your boyfriend tell him. As his friend you can't tell him to date or not date someone. Everyone has friends who occasionally date someone that they don't like, and to maintain the friendship just focus on the friendship and ignore his dating life while you are together--that's what male friends do if one of the friends is dating someone the other guy disapproves the one friend says, "that girl is a *****" "that girl is only out for money" "that girl cheats" etc. the 2 friends stay friends, and avoid that topic.

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I am sorry, dear.

You don't own him and he can date anyone he likes without reporting back to get your approval.

Do I detect jealousy?

Some people just don't like hugs.

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its not so much that i am jealous about the fact that she has him and i don't. he is like a brother to me. He does like hugs. when he told me that I am overly affectionate, he made it sound like something is wrong with me. And why didn't he tell me himself? that is what hurts more then anything else. I had to learn from someone else.

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1) spend time with the boyfriend individually to see if you could at least learn to tolerate him. Find out if you have something in common.

2) explain to your friend that you like her just as much as before, but you don't want to hang out with her when she's with him.

3) Date your friend. It solves ALL of your problems.

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