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Don't worry, they're usually lying anyway. Plus lots of successful hookups = lots of being dumped.

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Most of the time guys lie even to each othr abt the numbr of hookups they've had jst 4 props. Even though they're telling the truth,it's nt reason enuf 4 u 2 envy em. Sure u'll feel bad u're human! But consider this,why risk accidental babies/sti/hiv jst coz they like risking their lives? Maybe ur the 1 tht'll get lucky w the greatest girl & live happily ever aftr while they do the envying! So ryt nw enjoy ur life while single even w them if u want to jst dnt feel bad abt sth tht isn't worth it!

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You're time will soon enough to have a girl :)

Your friends may have girls now, but perhaps in the long run, you'd have a girl, while they don't have any.

Cheer up :)

Anyway, there's no reason to feel jealous :)

Hope I help :)

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I don't know why everyone thinks of sex when answering this question; when I think of a hook up, I rather think about spending time with someone having fun. Whatever. While I don't support having sex with every stranger you meet, your friends are right about something. You are young enough to meet as many girls as you can, which makes it more likely to meet one you like. Some people just expect that The One will be there at the right moment and they should just wait for him/her. This is why I don't approve with Xtie90 and AkimotoKiko. They seem to think that you just walk on the street and you'll meet the girl of your dreams and you'll be happy ever after. It's not like that. Even if you meet an awesome girl, if you don't have some experience in relationships, you might lose her. My advice: try to be more social. Meet as many girls as you can; if one is not The One, then move forward.

And here is something from my personal experience. Two nights ago, I went to my graduation party (I'm finishing high school) and I took an oath to dance with as many boys as possible (I even danced with some girls, but that's another story, no romance involved). Some refused me, but I didn't give a damn! You know why? Because there is enough fish in the pond. Some didn't refuse me and were quite enjoyable. And some, of course, had a very strange smile on their faces. Uh. Back off. Point is, most of them were extremely shy and would not have considered asking for a dance, even though it is obviously fun and there is no need for romance. There are no strings attached.

Oh, and to clarify things: I am one of those girls who are thin but yet not shapeless, I think I look good enough to be approached. It's just that most men your age (I don't know if I should call you "men") are just too shy. So no, you're not the only one. And probably those friends of yours have all had their moments, they're just afraid to admit it, because it would take away from their "manhood". :)) You should not be envious of them. :)

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Every hook up = grreater risk of std, or crazy girl stalking or getting beat down by a boyfriend. Noncommited sex is drama it will catch up

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Think of the money you are saving on child support ;o)

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You realize that a lot of it is just macho B.S.

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NO NO it's real!

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