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My culture is very weird and i have to be married in order to move out and the person i marry has to be my ethnicity. I am 21 and i have tried to run away, but i didn't plan it and i got kidnapped back home from my bfs house. My parents are against his race and i have been with him for over 3 yrs behind my parents back. We want to get married and my parents are crazy they wont let me be with him. At this point they know that i don't talk to him, but i still do because we love each other. I really want to run away but i really need advice how to make a good plan to run away so my family will not be able to find me under any circumstances. please help I was thinking to find a different guy who will help me out like get married so i can move out, and then divorce right away, but hey where is that magic... I pray the Lord but so far all i get is no answer :( please help.
Lostinmindnow Lostinmindnow 22-25 3 Answers Nov 6, 2011

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are you still in same situation or has things gotten better/worse for you? i think we are in similar shoes...i'm so lost right now...

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