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darkcuriousity darkcuriousity 18-21, F 7 Answers Jul 25, 2012

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o k my spirit animal is the tiger i first learn at when i was 5 years old i was into big cats then as i got older i learned it was a tiger but i looked on website and kept searching til i came along something i thought was funny .. i shouldnt be a tiger .. so now im asking around and people say it's a misguided spirit who lost his way now im over thinking this and saying to myself "if its a mis-guided spirit wouldn't it just have done its deed and left,,, but it hasnt left my side sence i was 10

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Thanks for bringing this up. I used to admire the wolf, but in the fullness of experience, I know I'm a deer. They aren't terribly afraid of me, for one thing. I've seen them silhouetted by the moon and struck down by oncoming traffic. I always feel well grounded in nature, yet exhilarated in their presence.

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