I am 25 years old and am trained in spray tanning and nails i also have my real estate sales consultant certificate, however none of these jobs are what i want to do.? I would like to become a makeup artist but struggle to find the right avenue to go down to get to the top. I just want to be successful im sick of my partner telling me that i need to get a real job. can anyone suggest anything at all to get ahead. I have no real work experience apart from real estate which only lasted 2 weeks and have not much confidence at all.. to others i am attractive and intelligent. i just cant seem to get out of this rutt that im sadly stuck in.
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Sometimes volunteering for a while lets you meet people who would be willing to give you a job if they're happy with what you do. (Be careful not to be taken advantage of though, some people may refuse to pay you if you start by volunteering)

Also, try to find out what 'successful' people (whatever's your idea of success) have done before reaching where they are. What are their lifestyles like? What did they do before they got that job?

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thanks dandy, my partner has been telling me to volunteer, but where im at in life ,unfortunately volunteering is not something that will pay my bills, my partner has always been employed and never without a job, we have a son and i would like him to be proud that his mother is successful. I do spray tanning however its not enough. i would like to own my own shop which includes fashion, makeup and tanning.. but in the mean time have trouble finding someone to give me a go within this industry.. maybe its my resume.. but all i can say is the thought of having an interview scares the **** out of me.. i almost cry just thinking about it. it sux.

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One day, everyone with experience will have died of old age and employers will have to hire people like us :)

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Try a makeup course? My old work colleague just finished hers, it was a little expensive but she said it was totally worth it. She was able to build up her portfolio with the practicals they had throughout the course. She’s happy with what she’s doing and is actually one of those people who enjoys their job. She told me it’s a bit hard to get in to the industry, but you can work for yourself and make your own customer base? If you’re really into something it will definitely show in your work. I believe passion eventually brings success. You just have to believe in yourself more :)

And referring to your partner... what is a “real job”? There is nothing less real than what you want to do, what makes you happy. If you’re in a job that you hate, you won’t stay there for very long and you will start feeling unfulfilled. Just figure out what you really want, maybe speak to a career’s councilor? Wish you all the best in your future decisions, keep positive and I’m sure you will find something.

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Several things come to mind:

1. If there is a certification that you can get, or if there is a well known beauty academy that offers a course work certificate, go get it. Employers want to see accomplishment.

2. Create a portfolio. Maybe you know of a half dozen ways to do eye makeup. Using the same model, do several different treatments, take quality, close up photographs and have them available with you when you talk to a potential employer. They will be samples of your work. Try to make them a cross section of both the wild and outrageous and the very natural, blended looks.

3. Do some research and find out who is employing makeup artists in your area. Who is shooting commercials? Is there a modeling school in the area? What about working (or better yet, interning) at a local theater group?

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Google it! ...You say you have a talent? Good luck and keep on searching, you can go to and become a makeup Artist, Advertise your business, give it another try, MOTIVATE YOURSELF!!!

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