My great aunt has raised many children over the years some hers and some that aren't hers. They all turned out pretty good. Shes raising her 12 year old grandson and 5 year old granddaughter. There usually good kids but are very used to getting their way. I took them to a restaurant and the 5 year old wanted to climb all over the furniture. I told her im not having this behavior and made her sit properly. She said "I hate you mommy lets me do what I what" I told her I love you to now act right. She was fine after that. The 12 year old is very good around me but acts up with his grandma. Not trouble just argues a little with her. Hes rather lazy and doesn't help around the house. How can I get him to understand his grandma needs help and that shes not going to be here forever to behave well theres still time left with her
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Children will try to live up to expectations.<br />
Perhaps you could start a report card for "at home use" with a big poster board on the wall.<br />
When they got 10 A's, you would take them for ice cream ...or something like that.<br />
Think of someway you could interject positive discipline and help out grandma.<br />
Grandma would be giving the grades.

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