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Shave your legs take estrogen.

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Start with shaving your legs.Next you will need to do exercise's for women thighs and butt.There is several out there so pick witch everyone you like.Don't forget to work on your calf's you can ether by a pair of hill's not to high at first.Or walk around on your tip toes as much as possible.Keep your legs well lotion.i use lavender body and leg,From body and bath.They have other helpful items.Good luck

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my sister had a baby boy who started growing breasts. Seems that the moisturizer had lavender in it which acts like synthetic estrogen. Weird but true. As far as legs go most guys have better looking legs then girls and don't have to deal with thigh dimples. If i could i would have a guys set of legs any day!

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You want some sort of hormone treatment. Breast size is also correlated with how much fat your body puts on, given that you are getting enough of the right combination of hormones.

You could shave.

Victoria's secret has a ridiculous range of push up bras which can make a flat chested person look busty. Some of their products fill the _entire_ bra with padding, not just part of it.

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Let's discuss WHY you want feminine legs an boobs.

An why you wanna do it on the cheap.

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