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The router is a WRT54G V1 linksys wireless router. It is connected to a cable modem that I know is working correctly. I know this because my wife's computer is hardwired to the router and she can access the Internet. At the computer end I have a Linksys compact wireless USB adapter. I know that I have everything setup correctly because it was working correctly and sometimes intermittently works. But most of the time it will not connect to the Internet. The error message that I get is: "You are successfully connected to the access point but the Internet can not be found. Any ideas?
tscott tscott 66-70, M 3 Answers Nov 5, 2009

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Smash it with a HAMMER!!~~~

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how old is it? after about 2-3 years they fail irreparably for some reason. the guy at DLink tech support told me that

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