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Now that is a nice question. I know pantyhose looks really good but they are so uncomfortable after a while and getting them on is a chore. Have you asked her to wear them? Did you tell her how sexy her legs are already, but with pantyhose they would form fit her body. Its like how a woman usually looks good in tight close it just enhances what is there. Good luck with that.

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- Flattery works. Compliment her profusely whenever she wears them.

- Plan an occasion which would require such attire, like a night for drinks, a party, etc.

- Offer to go shopping with her, and indicate your interest in seeing her in pantyhose; then pay for them.

The post above mentioned Wolford pantyhose. They are expensive, so you'd want to maximize the chances of her liking what you buy. I highly recommend their seamless pantyhose--Fatal 15, Fatal Lace, or Fatal 50. They are extremely comfortable. Valentine's Day is approaching; maybe you could include that as part of your gift to her. Of course, don't make it your only gift!

If she does wear pantyhose for you, in return, you should offer to do something that she requests of you--wear that tie that your mother in law bought you; clean out the garage; do the laundry for once; or, whatever it may be.

However, if she is truly against the idea of wearing pantyhose, don't force the issue. Relationships are about give and take.

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I would ask her if she likes wearing them or not. If does not like then, find out why.

One of the most common complaints from women is that pantyhose are uncomfortable, hot, itchy, binding, etc. Others don't like the fact that they are delicate and easily ruined. Others say that pantyhose are a hassle to put on, and that they sag or slide down their legs over time. Plus, there is a whole anti-pantyhose stigma among US women (it's not as much of an issue in Europe and Asia). I'm sure there are many other reasons.

Some pantyhose are MUCH more comfortable than others. I've found that brands such as Trasparenze to be very comfortable. First off, the legs and feet of the pantyhose are shaped rather than the tube style. They also come in a number of different deniers (thickness of the yarn). I find that pantyhose of 15 - 20 den do not get hot, even under pants. Beyond 40 den, and the pantyhose (or tights) have more insulating qualities. The durabilty of pantyhose has improved over the years by blending different yarns with the nylon. For example, a small amount of lycra spandex can make pantyhose last a lot longer.

You can also do as one of the posters suggested...try purchasing her some sexy pantyhose and tell her you think she would look great in them. Avoid the cheap grocery store brands. Purchase from a hosiery boutique. You can purchase very nice pantyhose for between $10 and $15. If money is no object, buy her some Wolford's.

Good luck!

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