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stop drinking cofee in the morning. Without the stimulating shot, the body settles into a uniform pattern, with fewer differences between day and night.

Also, listen to your own body. For example, during the weekend, if you feel sleepy, at whatever time, put your head on the pillow immediately. This way, the body gets used to sleep when it is sleepy. If you hold back from sleeping for too long, the body can't sleep even when allowed to.

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how can i get of sleeping tablets

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forget pills they are no good for you, try something natural..... I drink 5 stage sleep shot and OMG it kicks my butt!!!!! it puts me to sleep within like 30 minutes and i get to sleep all night :) wake up feeling great and

i think the web gives a free sample

hope it helps u like it helps me

sara lee :)

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Stop taking the pills.

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*Herbal remedies are not FDA approved*

*Have yourself checked to see if there are any underlying medical or mental disorders, that once treated can provide much relief from insomnia.

It may just be a sleep disorder in itself.

Sometimes after stopping sleep medications, the insomnia can become even worse than it was before(known as "Rebound Insomnia")

Behavioral techniques,relaxation and a good sleep environment can help to provide relief without the risk of side effects and/or tolerance due to the use of some medications.

There's a lot of conflicting info about sleep meds and their effectiveness.

In general, they're most effective as a TEMPORARY aid, not a long-term solution.

It's great that you are seeking a healthy sleep regimen!

* I am NOT a Doctor and have not renewed my nursing license*

Please, for your health, safety and sanity seek the advice of a physician!!!

If you have any questions or would like to speak further about this, you are always welcome to IM me.

Best of Luck and play it SAFE!

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Stop cold turkey and not take another pill. Then sincerely start praying to God and I guarantee you will fall asleep somewhere in the middle of your prayer. It happens every time.

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Try melatonin and/or 5-HTP. They're not drugs. They're both quite good for you and you don't have to worry about whether you ever get off them.

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Try to get yourself in a relaxed condition even before you go to your bedroom.

As odd as it sounds, I like to watch comedy, it brings me down. Or read a book. Or practice yoga.

I'm sure you can find something which helps to you get in a relaxed condition.

As "ignoranceisnotanexcuse" said, try to create a comfortable sleeping atmosphere in your bedroom:

- Comfortable Duvet and Cushion and Bed

- Comfortable Lights (Some prefer darkness, some prefer a small light in orange for example)

- Comfortable Sound (I used eardrops for example)

Someone mentioned taking wakers - I don't think that's a good idea.

If you have trouble staying awake, try one of the numerous variations of coffeine.

Coffeine has been used by humans for the last 2000 years, so the long-term effects of coffeine are mostly known, so please try this before you do wakers.

Anyway, I wish you all the best in getting back to your regular schedu and off the meds. You can do it!

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White noise like a fan helps a lot of people sleep. Try not to let your mind wander unless it feels comfortable and relaxing to you. Focusing your attention on your feet may also help you sleep, sounds odd I know but it works for some.

Avoid stressful, irritating, upsetting thoughts. Those are best left for the day if ever.

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You are just going to have to quit and ride it out. The first couple of nights it will be hard to get to sleep, but just make sure you dont sleep through the day (drink coffee) and eventually you will get so tired that you will have to sleep at night.

I feel for you, I used to have to be medicated to sleep. whether it was alcohol or drugs (legal and illegal) I just couldnt sleep without them. Now all I need it a hot chocolate for it to happen. Dont worry, it will happen for you to.

The first nights are going to be hell, make sure you have a book to read and dont listen to music. Music wakes you up, whereas reading can make you quite sleepy. If not, then at least you havent just layed there, staring at the wall. The first days are going to be hell too, you are going to be tired, but eventually you will get your old sleeping patterns back. Just make sure you stick to it.

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stay awake for twenty four hours force it and then find a reasonable time and rest. it works for me that way, even though i have been known to go a whole forty eight plus!

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Skip a sleeping session.

This seems simple to me - are you leaving out details?

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