I am a single mom to a 4month old. I have 2 years left to finish my biochemistry degree. I have no immediate family who can babysit him. I have considered daycare but when is an \'appropriate age\' when he is so young; I don\'t want to miss this special time with him, reaching his milestones and watch him grow up so fast. .. but worse, even if I did take him to daycare, I don\'t think that will be enough with all the hours I will have to put in to studying. I figured if we could suffer for a couple of years now, we will be good after: versus. going from job to job and worrying about not having enough money forever. My other idea option is to go to trade school, get decent job and support my son until he\'s a little older, then go back to school. If I choose this, what would be a good age for my son for when I should go back to school?
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Here I don't think you can go back to school unless you got higher than a certain grade in GCSEs. If you never did GCSEs then you cant go back to school and you wont be able to get them. You can go to college though classes are free. That's maths and English, they give you a something that is equal to a GCSE

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