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My friend is about to get Anorexia . She's 15 and is a swimmer. But she likes this boy that has dated a thin girl so I have no idea why my friend thinks that if she become skinny the guy will like her. That's stupid to me and our other friends and everyone tell her that she should eat something but she doesn't care. I don't really bug her but i'm worried about her. She doesn't listen to me and her other friends. our friends say that she already has gotten Anorexia but i think she still haven't. I really want to help her but I don't know how. :( She said being Skinny is more important to her than being Fit. My friend says that we should let her go till the end (like the time that she will need to visit a doctor) so that she learns her lesson but i say we should not let her reach to that stage.
tigerrrrrrrrrrrrrrr tigerrrrrrrrrrrrrrr 13-15, F 1 Answer Jan 8, 2014 in Image & Weight

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No, I don't think she has to reach that stage. Just be a good friend to her, understanding her feelings, and hopefully you and some other good friends will help her to value herself more as a person.

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tnx. :)

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