Lately ive been feeling kind of depressed. And lately ive been having like 2 or 3 anxeity attacks a week. If someone doesn't text me back i feel like they hate me, and that they are ignoring me. The one person i want to tell most wont text me back. There is way to much to tell them i would run out of time. They don't treat me any different in classs but they used to send me such sweet things and we would text all the time. And some of those things they sent would get me through the day. Then exam week rolled around and they didn't text me as much but they treated me no different in person. Then break came around and we barely talked. And now school has started and ive seen them and they treat me no different. For some strange reason i feel like i hurt them and the one person i need most is going to leave. On top of that i have stress from school and for about 2 weeks ive been feeling really down. And i just want this all to stop i want to feel fixed not broken but i don't know how
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Maybe you don't eat enough, diet perhaps?

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Focus on things that make you happy, it's hard, but it's the best way. Think of good things, keep on keeping on. If you really need to express your feelings write them in a diary or letters, to yourself. Try really hard to not think about that person. They may not understand.

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Consult psychiatrist that's d only solution.

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