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I'm pretty sure I'm bi, but I have never done anything with a woman. I would like to meet some women and if I liked one possibly date. I don't really have any gay friends. I have been considering going to the gay bar in my city, but I don't really feel comfortable asking my straight friends to go with me. I'm just not fully comfortable being out yet and I'm afraid to ask them. If I go there by myself am I just gonna look like a loser? What other options do I have? I'm not sure an online dating site is for me. I don't really know how online dating works.
automatonmaton automatonmaton 26-30, F 2 Answers Jan 27, 2013 in LGBT

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Going to gay clubs are a great idea. even if you go in a group, everyone is dancing and having a good time, and I almost never stay with the group I came with, we all go different ways and meet up later, or ask a guy friend, even women like going to gay clubs anyway. Drag Queens and dancing and beautiful little gay boys? who wouldn't enjoy that. Make sure that it's a gay club for women too. Some of them are directed more towards men even if they say they are for both. Um, keep your eye out for lesbians. Go to gay things. It will be hard if you don't have any gay friends. i don't know. That's a tough one.

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