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My girlfriend is scared because she's heard about a girl who's a few years younger than me is a serial killer on Craigslist . She's really afraid shes had nightmares about it. The girl is from Pennsylvania were from Ohio not too far away. She's worried that she might find us and kill us. But I heard shes only killed bad people. Me and my girlfriend aren't bad. She's thinking of not putting too much info on her Facebook page because she's afraid that the killer might want to add her. She said she doesn't feel safe at all right now she's really scared. How can I help her ?
Countryrocks2013 Countryrocks2013 31-35, M 1 Answer Feb 17, 2014 in LGBT

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just kill the serial killer and don't worry. of course you'll have to kill any witnesses and everyone on craigslist as well...

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