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so ive posted my stories about having keloid scars on my shoulders and chest...because of having these scars..i have let it hold me back from getting into a relationship...i can talk to girls but i never go further than that because im scared of what they will think when they find out or see these scars...people who dont have these scars dont know what its like..but should i let it hold me back? would you guys let it hold you back if you had these scars?
reaper7021020 reaper7021020 18-21 4 Answers May 5, 2014 in Dating & Relationships

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I don't think that schould be a problem. If the person you have a relationship with loves you i schould not matter or you have scars or not

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Personally I wouldn't let it hold me back because everyone has something about their body that makes them feel uncomfortable. Don't let these scars ruin your life.

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What do you suggest? Sign up more dates let waste my money all over ??

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