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You know what is important to him....

Take an irreversible step in that direction...

Do something that is solely for him...move out of your house and into his area, have a tattoo of his name on your face, buy him a book, play a request on the radio...

Throw a party for 50 people to make a declaration of love in public...with no expectation, request for a payback..

Just do it!

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Listen to him....become friends with little things for him.....write him lil love notes....put bthem in his coat pocket to find later/in his sarnie's box for when he's working he'll find....make him romantic music mix tapes.....

That kinda thing.....the details of life, really.....

Samantha xx

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My ex one time while we were being intimate took a pen and drew a ring on each of our fingers, pretty clear statement there. Then again notice how I said ex. lol Still it seemed a good way to show that intention, issues not withstanding.

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take im to the jewelry store.......& hover round the engagement rings ;-)

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