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My boyfriend and I have been dating for a year now and i dont think he trusts me yet. He always questions me about the past (which nothing ever happened!) And i feel as tho he isnt opening up to me like he should. Maybe he is too afraid that he is going to get hurt again(he got screwed by his last gf pretty bad, (*****)).. I need a few tips to get him to trust me like he should....
lostaboutlove lostaboutlove 22-25, F 2 Answers Oct 4, 2011

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Hold his hand every time you guys are in a social situation. Being separate, even by feet apart, lead to suspicions. Guys are like dogs, you have to stroke them once in a while.

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His trust issues aren't for you to fix. Just continue being yourself. If he can't trust you now, how will changing your behaviour help ?

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