I want to show my boyfriend that he is appreciated, but I want to show him in a way that doesn't involve sex, or spending a lot of money.
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Just tell him

Honestly the smartest woman I ever knew with respect to that was a girl I dated on my 20's. If life didnt get in the way Id still be with her.

Something simple about men women never seem to get. They *****, they nag they complain.

If he cares about you, the guy is already predisposed to want to please you., Women are just so f'ing bad at communicating appreciation. They like to get it, bad at showing it. Then an attitude develops over time of "well he isnt appreciating me enough, so Im not going to tell him either"

Men are like puppy dogs if you make them feel that what they are doing has real value to you, and make them feel its irreplacable to you. Theyll do whatever the hell you want like lil kids folowing mommy.

Kiss him, hug him , tell him

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If you really do appreciate him he will know from your normal everyday actions, no need to do anything out of the ordinary, except maybe just telling him, "Hey, boyfriend, I appreciate you."

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showing him in a way that dont involve sex or money?

hmmm i would say getting him a wait you have to spend money for that. Ok make hima really great dinner...oh wait you have to spend money for the food.

well hell i guess just pick up a rock hit him in the head and then kiss the lump on his noggin and tell him you love him.


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Talk to him................... its really simple. Just tell him how you feel

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tell him, let him know that you're glad he's a part of your life.

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It varies depending on the person, but the best way, in my opinion, is to simply tell him... I find that a lot of people assume that their significant others just know...

I know I love hearing it, don't you?

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Hard to say without knowing the boyfriend. :( Find something to surprise him. Assuming you're in a place where it's cold this time of year, how about and indoor picnic -- spread a blanket on the floor, pack a picnic basket, and pretend.

Whatever you do, save some of the cupcakes for me before Yiska eats them all.

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