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It might help to know you can't change the past, but you can change how you see it. Maybe realize the lessons we all learn shapes us into the people we are today.

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Focus on the future. You should never regret things from your past as they have made you the person you are today.

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If you persist in feeling guilty,

Why not let God take the stand?

He’ll have you eating out of

His hand.

Before you know it,

you cry out:


It’s OK to believe God when He says you are innocent.

You need not fear the Higher Court will condemn you. It will merely dismiss the case against you. There can be no case against a child of God, and every witness to guilt in God's creations is bearing false witness to God Himself.

The past is just that; The past. Now is all there is.

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You cannot change what has happened. Time is linear so far as we perceive it. So you can only move forward.

You have a very simple choice: Let it blight you, or let it inform you.

You can't undo what you did, but you can say to yourself "ok, I did that once, so I won't do it again because it was a bad outcome." Or similar.

You are a product of genetics and experience. That's all you are. You have had a life that you might have liked bits of, and hated other parts. Do you want to be cursed by the bad bits or feted for the good? You are able to choose to look up, or down. you may have a predisposition to look in one direction or another but you don't have to do it.

How you cope is how you position yourself. Where do you find support, where do you get the help you need? Smart people will look in the good places. Dumb people wallow. That may sound harsh but that's how it mostly is. There are very few methods of help available to those who are not proactive.

Learn where to ask for help - and I'm very pleased to tell you that you've taken a positive step in the right direction so give yourself a pat on the back and believe in yourself!

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Make your self feel good about the presence

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Just ask forgiveness of whoever and move into the present, forget about it! As they say in Jersey...

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