its been 240 days 18 hours and and 45 mitues since i last saw him ,i touched himand we kissed , we walked away from the airport , and he knew i love him , he sleeps with other women coz we not together at all just he got some issues b4 we get into a realtionship so it complicated but i really love him , he is the one
bjorg bjorg 18-21, F 11 Answers Aug 10, 2009

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yes,let him go,if he cared he wouldn't hurt you

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No, he isn't the one, and you are only hurting yourself. You need to break the cycle of emotional dependence on this person, and make a better life without him.

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Sadly, the only way you will stop the pain that this man is inflicting on you will be to leave him for good. No more chances, no ifs, no buts, final.

That way you only get one more dose of the pain, and it is at a time of your choosing, instead of the constant heartache you have at the moment

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he hurts you over and over because he knows he can. You allow it and he has it all down to suit himself.It's sad to love a guy like that.It won't stop..if he loved you it would never happen. He'd honor you not disrespect and hurt you.

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You know in your heart how to stop the pain....don't you?

He keeps hurting you over and over again,says he cares for you?

If he cares for you he would not hurt you

He lies to you

If you stay the pain wont stop

Leave and the pain will stop

Its down to you,why do you put up with it

Tell him its over

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Ley him go it hurts more each time!!

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LEAVE. Get away from the source. If you choose to stay then you keep dealing with it and hurting yourself. This is not a hard solution and you already knew the answer.

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let him go if you love him?

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Leave him. Or kill him if you...

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