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Africanqueen75 Africanqueen75 36-40, F 5 Answers Mar 25, 2012

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my husband is my sissy how do I keep him in chasity belt

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I am a married male and have desired my wife to make me her sissy maid. It has been mostly my efforts, cooking cleaning and doing all the sissy chores. The only problem is she Dosent seem to want to lock me up in chasity or make me wear her panties, if she would do that - wow I would really do ANYTHING she desires. It is true that when I do ***, I loose interest in doing chores, so I agree if you take control, make him dress and deny him to ***, you will get him to do whatever you instruct and how, anytime, place or way you want.<br />

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You could start with limiting his *******, not yours. Keep him always horny without letting him ***, he will do anything you want for the privilege to ***. At that point tell him how hot it would be if he started wearing your panties around the house or anytime you two are together. Assure him you do not mean to embarrass him in any way (LOL) it is just it makes you so hot & wet to know he is wearing your panties. By this time if you have done your part and kept him horny it is time to introduce a chasity device into his future, so you have complete control over when and how he is allowed to ***. You now can train him to do anything you want or desire the rest of your life. He will do anything because you will be his whole world his only reason for living.

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