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darii55 darii55 13-15, F 6 Answers Dec 13, 2012 in Health

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Don't. Being skinny and unhealthy is ugly. It shows on your skin, you can't find clothes that fit most of the time, you get to lose weight but you lose your curves as well. So you'll look like a chopstick eventually. <br />
<br />
If you want to lose weight, I rather you take up a new sports. You'll learn something new, make friends, be healthy. And best of all, you have tummy abs, nice defined tummy which anorexic people can't have.

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anorexia won't make you beautiful, it will consume you. all you will think about all day is food... How to hide the fact that you don't eat, how disgusted you are when other people eat, how you need to exercise because you ate 3 raisins today, how you still aren't thin enough, looking at everyone else's body to compare yourself... Anorexia won't make you feel good about yourself. Eating healthy though - fruit, vegetables, leafy greens, protein, drinking lots of water- will help you lose weight, and make you healthy.

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you dont, its not a good thing to turn into

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