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Hopefully when he ain't around

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just walk...if he is functional he will go one...if you are his/her crutch enabler he/she will die...either way you live . as i age i become more and more Malthousian...God help me....john

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You finally STOP LYING TO YOURSELF what good is it going

Why did you put your life on hold for 27 years you cant get those years back

realize that if he hasnt change by now he never will

he especially wont change because he knows your not going anywhere

when did you decide that this is the life that you deserve

after 27 years you have to realize you cant change no one that doesnt want to change themselves

you can either choose to stay and watch him kill him self slowly and you along with him

or you can live whatever little bit of life you have left

why do you deserve to drown in the alcohol with him

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lighten up! I agree but please nothing is uncontrollable errr but if its my her im going to be there all the way done hand in hand...jgl

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Think again, maybe you love him so much

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