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about a month ago i fought a fair fight vs a 17 years old girl, im 20, dont ask how we reached it lol. i have 6 packs and 8 years in martial arts. she does only gymnastics.. .. im 1.67 and she is 1.75, a blonde-brunette beautiful girl. and she just finished me in that fight! she was extremely fast and i couldnt react between her moves. and she managed to hit me a lot.. i actually asked her to show me how she does it, and sorta train me.. and she accepted. and we meet from time to time. and i became better a bit. but she still manages to beat me. in 90 fight we had. the win ratio is 71 wins for her and only 19 for me. so one time we went to a tourenament with 40 competitors. and she finished 3!! she beaten there 10 men who are at least 5 years practices.. and she is not a bully or something, she is actually an attractive girl. how can it be?! a 17 years old girl who only does gymnastics, manages to beat time after time a 8 years martial arts man!?
kolopopoaaaa kolopopoaaaa 22-25, M 1 Answer Apr 30, 2014 in Doing Good

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