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I've seen so many people who would broke up with someone then just a week or two later, they're with someone else only to break up with that person just few weeks or months later and then they are all hurt and upset about it. I couldn't become attached to people that fast at all! So I never really understand this. Hope someone can explain this. Thanks.
Aces84 Aces84 26-30, M 5 Answers Mar 19, 2012

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Some people don't really and truly invest themselves emotionally in a relationship. They are into speed dating.

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Absolutely no clue, but immaturity has to play a part. No one can convince me that it can be 'real' every 5 minutes.

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yes, i am a disbeliever in this one myself... i have never recovered in weeks or even just a few short months from something long term. if you're genuine you do part with some of your energy and it takes precious time alone and recapitulation of the experience to regain that energy. i am with 151rby in that i think some folks are being fake about it, and i guess synthesizing emotion in this way is what modern day narcissism is.

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