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first i like to appolygise to those that this question offended but seriously. how can you attempt commit suicide and fail??? is it the truth is you really dont want to die but just attention??? really start bugging me when someone post i tried to commit suicide,especially when they are so young... i know life is at times ******* **** but comon, have you actually experience what life really is?? many people in this earth fight everyday to stay alive for example Syrea, **** are goin down overthere. look to the brighter side of life please, i urge you. its just hurts you more in physically to do that **** to yourself... and not to mention mentally to those care around you.....
boringpeace boringpeace 18-21, M 4 Answers Oct 15, 2012

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Someone finds you too soon, calls 911, and you get saved. If this happens, thank God for your good fortune! Use your second chance wisely!

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I don't take offence. Sheer (bad) luck, I am still around. And yes I did want to die. And until recently, I did resent it that I didn't die. I experienced more life than I wish anyone to experience.<br />
Please understand, that it is one of the hardest decisions one can make, and it never is done lightly. <br />
To be completely open, I do not want to die anymore, hence my handle. I actually am very, very glad it worked out this way.

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it is a very hard decision but u know if u died then you wouldnt know the WHAT IF question right?
im very glad it worked out this way aswell.
thank you for the hondesty.

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