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My boyfriend and I have been dating for almost 5 years and we have reached the point in our relationship where are thinking more seriously about having sex for the first time. We are both Christians (although we tend to disagree with most of the teachings regarding physical intimacy). That being said, we were also both raised with the ideal of waiting until marriage. Although we will probably not wait for marriage, we want to make our first time special. We have also talked about ways that we can make our wedding night special as well (once we get to that point in a few more years or so). Any ideas, suggestions, or personal experiences?
nesethu nesethu 22-25 2 Answers Mar 18, 2014 in Dating & Relationships

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Keep communications open between yourselves, tell each other what you like what you don't like. Just discover each others bodies, there isn't really much to it. Do what feels right!

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Why wait if you already know you want to get married? I mean, why not get married already then?

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There's a lot of factors but basically it comes down to still being in school (that are 3 hours or so apart), family approval, and money

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