He is my first love. He was perfect for me </3
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Real love releases dopamine and a world of other $hit into your system (dopamine, norepinephrine and phenylethylamine.)

Congratulations- you're a junkie! You're going through withdrawal. The first time is always hardest, and the only thing that satisfies is more.

Sorry about that.

Some people find a shortcut with sex. Others take up drugs.

You could try loving everyone you know, including yourself, just a little bit more to spread the burden. Take notice of the things you normally appreciate without reflecting upon them. Share emotional intimacy- or even just a night of movies- with family or friends.

You'll always have these memories. Over time all that is left is the sweetness. Keep adding to that.

And do this. Don't keep it in. Good for you.

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Tie them to a bed and burn the house down

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The only answer that makes sense to me is lobotomy. Excellent work, dancing bear.

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Lobotomy is often effective. Blunt force trauma to the skull can also induce a similar result.

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