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Stop taking it. But you may only spot until the normal time then have it still so I don't recommend it.

What you can do is start a new pack instead of placebos and "try" to skip it. Its no 100% but it works really well for me or rather did when I took birth control. I was able to do that 3 times and then have one which was recommended by my GYN that I have at least one every 3 packs. Thats about the only good thing about being on that I miss.

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Quit taking it...just remember to start taking it after your period ends or OOOOps! :-)

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Look around on the internet - there are a ton of articles about skipping a period (that would be probably your only way to NOT have it when you don't want to). Start here: Then there are links to other sites. I finally talked to my doctor and I am on Seasonale and I am supposed to only get 4 periods a year. The first month, I was thrilled at first because I missed my period during a really fun weekend away, but then I started bleeding and bled for 42 (yes, 42!) days. But then it stopped, I started the next pill pack and it is going great - woohoo! Hope this helps! Just remember these are hormones so make sure you read up on everything and/or talk to your doctor before you start messing with your chemistry! Good Luck!

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I don’t know about bringing her period on earlier but when we started swinging the wife was 35, we had two children and she had her tubes tied (it was also her first time with another guy as I had taken her cherry when she was 19), all our sex with others was bare back sex with the guys blowing their load in her, she took to the swinging scene like a duck to water, this was going back to the mid 70’s and 80’s, we were soon going to swinging parties where their could be as many as 30 couples attending and we were either swinging with couples, going to parties or having M F M ********** most weekends, she was a real goer lol.

Their was a big party coming up one weekend but the wife was due for her periods and was very disappointed that she could not attend, “I had no idea just how big a Pandora’s box I was opening when I talked her into going with the mate for the first time”! She was telling one of her girlfriends that she would not be attending and how disappointed she was, her girlfriend told her that if she went to the doctor and told him she wanted to stop her periods for some reason or other he could prescribe the pill and tell her how to use it to stop her periods so off to the Doctor she went with the story that we were going camping for the weekend and she did not want to be bothered with having to worry about her periods, he prescribed the pill for her and told her how to use it to stop her periods and we never missed a party after that.

We continued swinging, swapping and having M F M ********** until we were mid 60’s enjoying 25 + years of the lifestyle with no regrets, and have now been married 45 + years.

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Not sure how to make it faster, but I know you can skip it once in a while by just continuing to take the pill on the week you're supposed to stop.

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Sorry Hon, you can't control mother nature like that. Whether you're on the pill or not.

I know the pill makes you more regular, but you can't make it come faster than it wants to go! Lol

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