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if it feels wrong :D it is. believe me on this one! trust your intuition

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I good one you like, a bad one you don't :)

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I have a a sort of accurate intuition for these things and rarely am I wrong (I'm an egotistical little **** huh XD)

But the way he treats lesser people is usually a good judge of charecter.

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There are no bad people or good people. Just people who do good or bad things. Some people may not make you feel comfortable or hurt you. I would say trust your intuition and listen and observe the person's behavior. I would say give them a chance but don't ignore your common sense. Meaning that a mean looking goth chick might not be as mean as you perceive her to be but if some creepo is trying to get you to get in his van run like hell.

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Who looks like us is good, who does not is bad.

Who agrees with us is good, who does not is bad.

Who loves us is good, who hates us is bad.

Who helps other people is good, who harms people is bad.

Who follows my congregation is good, who does not is bad.

Who believes in God is good, who does not is bad.

Who I love is good, who I hate is bad.

I can tell thousands of wrong jugdments in our daily life.

We have no omsniscience to tell the right thing concerning

any person, including our closest acquaintants.

We have clear criterions concerning truth, rightness

and goodness only for our judgment on our own actions.

Our own choice would make the difference.

In order to acquire the power of good choice,

we need to go through education and training with sinceriry.

Lack of this is very harmful for our own life;

we may perish although the world praise us as saint.

That is why the human race eternally need physical,

human and divine education for an ideal life.

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i think it is down to time .. the first few seconds after meeting them you will have a sense about them, in two years they will have shown their true side and colours ... to save time go with your first gut feeling ... only once have i felt a really bad feeling about someone and now reflecting i should have stuck with it !!

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i know alot about people i can read them well so yep i can

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good person wont take your last cigarette

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their acts of selfless kindness are a good start.

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by their actions...

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See how he treats those who are in no position to aid him in any way, shape, or form.

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By getting to know them and then u can judge right lol

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you can by reading their body language, how they speak and what they talk about . Sometimes it takes a while to figure them out. Sometimes all it takes is how they treat you. In my experience if someone asks me what I think of that person and I say oh she is alright which always means that person is not always nice. Everyone have their own way of weeding out the bad ones.

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