He always stares at me from afar as if I don't see him and as if he's studying me. But whenever he's near me he never notices me. Once I said hi and looked straight into his eyes but he replied by rolling his eyes up and to the left then saying a sarcastic sounding hello (I think it was sarcastic). Does he hate me? or just shy? When I walk past him he looks down or looks at the something opposite me. There was a time when he had the chance to sit beside me in this jeep but that still didn't change his mind of sitting in front. Once when he was at my back, I turned to look at him but then he just looked down. I happen to really really really like this guy but I don't understand him at all!
sydneycarton sydneycarton 18-21 9 Answers Dec 26, 2008

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You've asked this question before but in a different format, you may really like this guy but if he doesn't show any type of interest in you besides just looking you should just get over him...I'm sorry but it's true...why waste your feelings on someone that is just playing with your mind? If he was shy he wouldn't even dare to don't mean to sound harsh or anything but I'm just speaking out of reality..

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look in the eye and see his face it change when a guy shy.


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Simple ask what he's staring at.....

Don't put up with someone being a moody ***** no matter if your interested in him or not...tell him he can be a right idiot sometimes...and if he doesn't disagree and try and change your mind sincerely...then he sooo is not into you.

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either all that, or he is one of those angry gays...

you know what i mean? like, out of all the super nice gay guys, theres always that one bitchy one.

first off, try wiseowls suggestion. if that fails, then try a stalker/angry gay test. when youre in public and if hes following you or gets close, push him. if he doesnt do anything back, hes prolly stalker, if he slaps at you or pushes you back, hes totally an angry gay. in the latter case, kick his *** and tell him to quit being a *****.

carry on.

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Either he's extremely shy or he's a stalker. Does he blush when you try to speak to him? If he does, he is secretly into you.

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Ask him.

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Maybe he will do something if you ignore him.He sounds like he KNOWS you're interested.Move on.

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