I mean how can you tell if someone who was here in your life at on time and passed on is trying to connect with you, is it in a specific form of communication? Or is it of an atypical situation? Such as driving back home because you forgot something and then the cop has someone pulled over and is handcuffing them?? Please give me your experiences about this subject as I think someone is trying to get ahold of me from the other side. THNX TAPO
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I have a spirit who wakes me up at night by breathing in my ear. Then I see letters scrambled box like on the wall or ceiling. I felt angry. Even the cat was scared. Another time a man stood at end of my bed. I wasn't scared - just wanted him to go away s I could sleep. Why at night? How can I learn more?

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This is one of the only places Ive been about 'Contact with the Spirit World...

My nephew [he's two] has had these awful night terrors. I looked it up and all I found was that it is, more often than not, Spirit related. But anyway, he wakes up. Terrified, Nose running, sometimes even scratches on him from where he was trying to scratch his way out of something. He's had these terrors for like 6 months. He is afraid of closets, windows, hallways, doors, and just about anything that isnt a circular room [I figured it would be just because he is two]. But on to the other stuff. Sometimes during the day, he will come to me screaming about how he's hurt. I'll ask what happened, and he will simply point and say "Him!" I'll follow the finger and he would usually point at a part of the room where there is nothing really significant... I dont know what to do. Please, help. I dont want to go to a psychic because his mom said she doesnt want to expose him to that at such an early age. Also though, my niece has also been afraid to sleep alone. [She's Four]. If anyone knows if this is the real deal, or just another stage... Please Help!

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I don't know if I can relate a certain unexplained experience with deceased friend or family member, but I do feel that we have many angels that are placed around us by God for our protection...

For by Him all things were created that are in heaven and that are on earth, visible and invisible. . . .

—Colossians 1:16

A few years ago, a Time magazine poll showed that 69 percent of American adults said they believed in the existence of angels, and 32 percent claimed to have felt an angelic presence at some time in their life. And even more surprising, the numbers jumped higher when they polled teenagers—three out of every four American teenagers today believe in angels.

Now contrary to what some believe, angels are not dead humans trying to earn their wings. Angels are an altogether unique group of beings created by God. In fact, there are different rankings of angels.

First and foremost is the archangel known as Michael. He is probably the highest-ranking angel in God’s heavenly host. He is the only angel referred to in the Bible as an archangel.

Then we have the cherubim. They are powerful and majestic angelic creatures that surround the throne of God. They were placed as guards outside the Garden of Eden after Adam and Eve were expelled (see Genesis 3:24).

Third, there are seraphim. Isaiah vividly describes them as crying “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of hosts!” in his vision of the Lord enthroned and exalted (see Isaiah 6:1–3). It appears the seraphim were created to worship and praise the Lord.

Fourth, there is Gabriel. This high-ranking angel brought special messages to God’s people. He appeared to Daniel to reveal the future to him. Years later, he brought the message to Zacharias that he would have a son who was to be named John, whom we know as John the Baptist (see Luke 1:5–19). And of course, Gabriel also had the high privilege of announcing the birth of Jesus to Mary.

So we see that angels were created to worship and praise God, to serve Him, and to be messengers for Him—and so are we.

So if that service was to warn us of an event, or to hold us up in traffic by some unexplainable instance, or even to bring us out of an severe accident with only minor cuts and bruises... Then thank God that he has appointed angels to watch over you.

I want to end scripture that helps me during those time of unknowing...

Proverbs 3:5-6...

5.Trust in the Lord with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding;

6.In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths.

I love you and God Bless,

Your Brother in Christ.

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Anyone who believes that they are being contacted by a spirit of a loved one or any other spirit is in deep trouble. This type of action is demonic and should be prayed upon. There are never any beings that come back in any shape or form and if they do you are being visited by the devil or one of his deamons. There are many objects that tempt Satan to enter your life and if you ask or let him in he will not refuse and he will come only to destroy you. No good comes from him. Ghosts. ojui boards are all forms of temptation to call the devil to us and we should avoid these objects all together. People believe its cute or its no harm to believe in these things but believe me it is and its REAL!!!!

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Usually I have an audio or visual encounter just as you know when the phone and the door bell ring or when emergency lights flash. Sometimes I have dreams where the deceased speaks to me in dream language. Twice I have heard the song my father sang frequently (which is rather obscure) since he died. Some people smell smells or have objects that are misplaced. More frequently I think it is an intuition that unexplained knowing something is about to happen. A foreign thought that comes into one's head that has no resemblance to one's own personality. Perhaps it is a simple feeling of not being oneself hence medium!

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In my experience spirits use my emotions to communicate with me or sometimes call my name in the middle of the night so i wake up or they move things and make me think ive lost the plot.

its normally because they want to talk or just to let you know they are around you.

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when I was growing up my father would tell me stories about my grandmother who I never knew, and how she was a psychic fortune teller and that she passed on her gifts to him, and eventually I will have the gift too, and I thought he was crazy. Then when I turned 11, things started happening. I was having small premonitions, I could see Auras when I concentrated on a person, I could feel what other people were feeling without them being anywhere near. I went to my dad and told him what was happening and he explained that my gift has awakened just as he said it would, and that it would get stronger as I got older. He was right. Now every now and then, I see people walking amongst me that I know are not from this time, but what gets me the most is that at night, I constantly hear someone calling my name, or telling me their name, and I can hear conversations going on even though there is no one around. If it is spirits trying to contact me, I would like to help them, but I don't know how, I'm only 17 and I didn't even know this stuff existed. HELP!

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