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Frothing at the mouth is a giveaway

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i usaully figure it out after they hit me

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Rough•They could try and avoid looking at you.

•Walk away from you fast

•Avoid you or TRY to avoid you

•Not talking with you

• When with other people you and your friend,are friends with and your friend only talks to your guys other friend but not you.

•When talking to you.. uses a harsh voice

------------- ------------

Through the phone/text

•uses a lot of dots.. like "okay...." or "no. I'm not mad." <that's a sign they are mad.

•lag of a conversation

•on the phone they use a harsh voice

•hang up

•reject your call. (Keep in mind they could also have their phone tookin away,mad at you,or they are busy.)

The easy thing to do would just confront the person who you think is mad and ask them.

Hope for the best. If its hard to ask them face to face write a note, if you have a facebook message them there and ask .., text them and ask.. if they don't answer their phone could be dead,actually mad just ignoring you..,or their phone got tookin away. If you don't have a phone use your parents/guardians.

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jaw clenching, silence..

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when someone is only concerned with his intersests! When someone too exaggarete or too diminish the values of things and affairs away from their real size! When someones acts obviously contrast his real deeds! When someone expects the unexpectable and wait for it( except some few cases) when someone demands weird things from others! I dont know, the list is too long! When someone hurts himself or the others!

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If they act distant, they don't make eye contact, or they seem agitated.

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i can make eye contact but im agitated not sure if i really am but i feel agitated...hhhhmmn

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Gtg bye! And coloring! And haha and yeah

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