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* he wants to learn more about you, which means he wants e.g. to discuss things yet undiscussed (or unfinished), or experience situations yet unexperienced with you. * he wants to digest / think about what he has learned, analyze his feelings, meaning he needs a bit of free time without you. Since most daters don't stay almost permanently together, the only valid reason for taking it slow is the need to get to know you better. Now if he's a shy or inarticulate guy he may not dare or know how to ask or find out. Then help him, but don't spook him. Or maybe he already suspects what your answer would be.
genglicious genglicious 26-30, F 3 Answers Jun 1, 2010

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It sounds like he is unsure about dating you. He isn't taking it slow, he is deciding whether or not he wants to be with you. He is also not "playing" you, but he is being indecisive. If he doesn't get any closer to you or spend any more time with you after a couple months, then he is playing you. But personally, I prefer both in love and friendship people who know what they want and are decisive and ambitious and passionate, not halfway or unsure.

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HAVE you "NO" Womans' Intuition ?

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