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love is patient, love is kind, love is generous..

love is a lot of stuff

but not jealousy. leave her if you can't trust her. you will only cause more problems.

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Take note of a general conversation. How is she acting? What is her tone normally. Is she a rambler? Typically if a female lies she rambles and rarely looks you in the eye. Also if the story seems "to good be true" it probably is. The eyes of everyone will tell you the truth. Trust your first instinct, it's rarely wrong if ever.

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Her lips are moving.

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When I lie to my boyfriend, the name of the game is "avoidance." If he asks me a question and I can't get out of answering, I'll put him on the ropes by answering with another question. Example:

"Where were you tonight?"

"Why does it matter?"

I will also try to downplay my responses and never make a big deal out of anything. Even if he is getting close to the truth, I don't sweat it because he has no proof. I just play it cool, act bored and slightly annoyed and don't give anything away.

If this is not how your girlfriend acts, some common facial indications that someone is lying are:

Too much (forced) eye contact. This is due to the bogus myth that liars will never look you in the eye.

Looking off to the right when trying to "recall" a memory. This is a surefire way of spotting a lie. The right side of the brain is the "creative" side, whereas the left side is the recall side. When recalling a genuine memory, we look off to the left, when making up bullsh*t, we look off to the right.

Any sort of fidgeting like tugging on earlobes, scratching the back of her neck, biting her lip, wringing or stroking her hands, playing with her fingers are all obvious indications of deception.

Good Luck

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What is Lieing?.....Do you not mean.... L Y I N G???

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Women are way more talented at deception. But, they hate confrontation and that is one of their weaknesses. Some women hold their own better than others, but, for many their "tell" is acting OVERLY offended by the suggestion or accusation you make. She may not admit to lying but at least you will know she is and plan accordingly. The best way is to simply verify by checking her stories and/or snooping. There's another situation. If her reaction to the slightest curiosity by you or the slightest snooping is "over the top", she's probably getting nervous about being caught in her lies.

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lie-detector, have someone spy on her. getting to the thruth isnt always pleasant.

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